Beautiful sights and a very special birding experience. Vidal is the best guide we’ve ever had. He’s extremely knowledgeable and a great communicator. Highly recommend.


- Rebecca Bean -

Vidal is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about birding!

He went out of his way to insure that we had a full experience and spotted many, many birds (52). Then he invited us to join him as his guest the next day to visit a different location and 48 more birds!


- Jean Shanley -

Great morning birding near Sayulita with Vidal. He picked us up at our hotel- first stop not too far to Gringo Hill which is a very birdie area. Then drive to Patzcuaro which is a very easy walking trail. He called for and found a female Elegant Trogan flying to a puddle on the road to drink- one of our target birds which made us very happy! Vidal is a very personable and knowlegable guide. We ended our tour at his favourite restaurant in Sayulita "Mary's" where he bought us lunch. So delicious we went back the next day. We will recommend him to anyone we know looking for a guide in this area.


- Marilyn Irene Olson -

Vidal is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about birdwatching, a topic he has studied for over twenty years. He took four of us to Patzcuaro, just outside Sayulita off the Punta de Mita road. We walked along flat roads past several small farms. Vidal could identify and locate dozens of birds by sound alone. I think we saw about 43 different birds in four hours. I would highly recommend birding with Vidal.


- Ghyslaine Gray  -

Vidal is great. Got us to just the locations we wanted to go, planned everything out and kept us going at the speed we wanted birding all day long.


- Mark Schieber  -

My husband and I just returned from a fabulous outing with Vidal Prado. We didn’t venture too far from our lodging at Playa Escondida where Vidal picked us up. He took us to a rural area south of Sayulita and there we saw 56 different types of birds, most of them new to us, like the squirrel cuckoo, orange breasted bunting and tropical parula. Since we’re staying in Bird Canyon we will now be able to identify more than the resident flock of chachalacas from our deck for the remainder of our stay. Vidal is a passionate young man with many dreams we would like to help him pursue. We’ll be back!


- Cyndi Anderson -

Vidal took us on a hike up Monkey Mountain, he is a great & very knowledgable guide. Highly recommended.


- Cyndi Anderson -

Vidal is an extremely knowledgeable birder, and is local to Nayarit. If you don't speak Spanish very well (as I don't), he is excellent at explaining the scenes and birds. My hearing is probably not the best but I had NOT problems understanding everything he was telling me and showing me. He has a website with photos and names of the birds so it's not all "in one ear and out the other". I had a fabulous time and look forward to hearing of his work in educating the world about the birds and habitat in Nayarit. I saw between 30 and 35 different, and completely new to me, birds. He even provided me with the binoculars and we had a tasty breakfast after a morning of hiking and looking. Great outing!


- Tom Laube -

Birding with Vidal was excellent. He finds the birds by sound first, a mark of an experienced birder, then he puts his clients on the birds immediately. Without even asking he adjusted our bird viewing for the proper lighting conditions when he saw that I had a camera with a long zoom lens. I came home with a lot of good 'keeper" photos. I will definitely come back and use Vidal for another local trip and hopefully a San Blas trip. We found lot of birds and had fun doing it. His knowledge of the area and his access to private ranch lands made the day a huge success.


- Tim Valente -

Vidal guided us for over four hours, patiently pointing out the birds often after first hearing them. He identified the many, many (over 50) species with no or little doubt. We lingered in areas of plenty and moved briskly to the next hot spot. Male, female, juvenile, mature - all clearly noted. He is highly recommended.


- Blake Roberts  -

I have been a birder for almost two years and I had never been on a guided tour before. I truly didn't know what to expect. After my tour with Vidal my future expectations are now very high! We had so much fun and we saw over 40 species in about 4 hours. He is extremely knowledgeable and is really good at describing where a certain bird is located so that us less-experienced birders are able to see it. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a great adventure! I also feel like I made a new friend. Thanks Vidal!


- Adrian Hedwig  -

Vidal is an amazing guide. My wife and I took a tour with Sayulita Bird Watching Tours and it was one of the highlights of our vacation. Vidal showed us so many types of birds that we had never seen before. Vidal is an expert in his field and as personable as they come. The birds, the environment, and rising sun coupled with Vidal’s knowledge and personality made for the perfect trip. I highly recommend Sayulita Bird Watching Tours.


- Matthew Cichella -

We quite literally ran into Vidal on the way into Sayulita from the bus station. He was friendly, welcoming and knowledgable about the area in general, especially about the birding. We spent the better part of a day birding with Vidal and loved every moment of it. We will return and highly recommend You include birding with Vidal in your vacation plans!


- Ronda Furlan -

Our group had members from 8 years old to 65. Vidal was great at accommodating everyone. We did more hiking then birding, but the kids loved the bird watching we did along the way and learning about other types of local flora and fauna. Vidal was extremely good with the kids and we all had a great time. Highly recommended!


- Heather Hall  -

Vidal took four of birding. He found dozens if birds by listening for their calls. Hw was extremely well informed and very interesting. He started birding when he was 10 years old. His enthusiasm was infectious. This was the highlight of our trip to Sayulita. Book in advane to avoid disappointment.


- Karen Erickson -

Vidal is a fantastic birding guide. My husband, son, and I recently hiked Monkey Mountain (near Sayulita) with him and had a fabulous time. He is deeply knowledgable and thoughtful, and he made our logistics easy. At the beginning of our hike he asked us if we had any specific birds we wanted to see. He then tended to each person specifically when that species, or a related bird, was nearby. He is also a gifted acoustic birder; that skill enhanced our experience enormously. I look forward to birding with him again.


- Beth Ann Mathews -

As an amateur bird watcher, I really appreciated Vidal’s knowledge, skill, and passion in birding. His company was wonderful (along with ‘Uncle Benny’s’) and we both enjoyed our time exploring the local bird species of Nayarit.


- Ruby Tumber -

Had a great time on my first bird watching venture. It's off season, but Vidal still took me out on a solo tour. I knew there wouldn't be as many birds to see in the summer, but I believe we saw around 25. I think in season people are seeing 50-70. His knowledge was pretty incredible and his English excellent. I'm really looking forward to taking his bird watching tour by boat next time I'm back during the season.


- Kester C. Chau -

Vidal is a great guide! His English is excellent, and his knowledge of the area means that you'll find plenty of local birds on your trip. I took a 4-hr one-on-one trip around Sayulita with him and we saw about 50 species. Will definitely use again next time I'm here.


- Lawrence Boram -

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